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Is Nanotechnology Safe for My Vehicle?

Yes. Compared to other ceramic coating products, Pro Ceramic Coat’s ceramic coating technology keeps the surface safe from hazardous contaminants. It’s well-formulated and offers damage control while protecting your car’s paint, glass, wheels, and other exterior surfaces.

Can I Apply Ceramic Coating Myself?

Yes, absolutely you can apply it yourself. It's a simple and easy process. The key is to make sure to take time to prepare the surface first and follow the provided guidelines.

 Does Ceramic Coating Technology Offer Permanent Results?

Yes. When applied with the right measures, a ceramic coating can form a lasting bond to the surface of your vehicle and may only be removed by abrasion. It offers durable protection of up to 3-5 years from UV exposure, hazardous materials, and other external elements.

Does Ceramic Coating Prevent Water Spots?

Certainly. Our innovative ceramic coating technology is water-resistant which will make the water bead off and create the surface to be more water repellant. However, sometimes you might be left with some water spots if you leave your vehicle stationary.

Can I Use Wax Over A Ceramic Coating?

Generally, a wax coating can leave smears or streaks after applying it to a ceramic coating. Therefore, we don’t recommend using wax on our ceramic coating technology as it can reduce the effectiveness.

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