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How To Apply

How To Apply

Applying ceramic coating on cars is easy, simple, and hassle-free. Here’s a 5-step guide

Step 1. Pre- Cleaning

The cleaning process is crucial to achieving a long-lasting result. You need to make sure that all the wax is removed before you begin to apply the coating.

 Wash the car by using a standard cleaner ( free of waxes or silicones). Rinse the car and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. We also highly recommend clay blocking the car too.

Step 2.Polishing The Car

Remove swirl marks and micro scratches before application of coating by using the correct polishing cutting compound paste and polish pads. Polish the surface lightly at 800-1000 RPM. Do not apply excessive pressure. After polishing, wipe off the residue of paste with a microfiber cloth.

Step 3. IPA Wiping

Deep clean the surface with alcohol (at least 70% isopropyl or ethanol alcohol) so that any remaining contaminants are removed.

Step 4. Application Of The Coating

Use the micro-fiber cloth and sponge included inside the packaging to apply the coating.

Proceed by coating a small area at a time. Place some coating onto a microfiber cloth and apply it slightly without too much force on the surface. Apply the coating once in a vertical and horizontal direction.

 After applying the coating, wait 4-5 mins then use another dry fine soft micro cloth to buff/polish the surface. Do not use excessive pressure and do not wait longer than 5 minutes before the first buffing action. Remember to not remove too much of the finish aggressively and ensure that all blemishes are removed.

Step 5.Remarks

In warm conditions, the coating becomes touch dry after 5-12 hours. After this, the finishing may be dry enough for you to use the vehicle again, but the coating is still far from being fully cure. Hence, make sure that there are no water drops on the surface of the car as this may impact the coating performance. Also, avoid brushing against the surface with bags or keys. Within the following 10 days, the vehicle should not be cleaned as the complete curing takes at least 5-7 days. This can vary due to temperature and humidity. The finish may be damaged, especially if a drive-through car wash is used


This coating allows you to add multiple layers which means the thickness of the coating can be increased, creating a more protective harder surface. You can apply the second layer in 3-5 hours after the first layer is completely finished.

To speed up the curing time you can use an infrared heater.